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Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a wireless data transmission and reception technique for identification of objects. It is believed that RFID can substitute the widely used optical barcode technology due to the limitations of the latter in (a) the barcode cannot be read from Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) tags, (b) the barcode typically needs personal care to be read, and (c) the limited information-carrying ability of the barcode. As a direct consequence the vast number of potential applications for RFID is basically uncountable (see e.g. the "forgotten objects scenario") and therefore provides many opportunities for challenging real-world scenarios.

DSV plans to merge the advances in RFID technology with sophisticated signal processing techniques and, in particular, aims to build up an RFID prototype system basically consisting of commercial available components being enriched with most recent technology and high-performance software.

Some representative questions being addressed in our RFID research:

• How to significantly increase the coverage of passive RFID tags?
• How to significantly increase data rates of passive RFID tags?
• How to effectively identify multiple tags simultaneously?
• How to optimize NLoS tag identification?
• How to improve the carrier suppression performance in passive
RFID systems?
• What are the benefits of chipless RFID tags, and how to improve their
capabilities by using cutting-edge technology in microelectronics and signal
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