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UWB (Ultra WideBand) is a radio technology utilizing very low transmit power and a large portion of the radio spectrum for short-range wireless communications and other applications such as precise localization, radar imaging, and sensing etc. DSV scientists have studied UWB-related problems for more than a decade, covering the areas of channel measurement and modeling, channel capacity analysis, space-time coding for UWB-MIMO systems, beamforming and localization, time reversal, and relay system analysis and design and more. In these fields, we have obtained worldwide-recognized research results, which were published in leading international journals and summarized in the research book "Ultra Wideband Systems with MIMO" (Wiley, 2010). We also applied UWB technology to some industrial niches such as rotor telemetry problem, where a large amount of parameters about the rotator of a motor are transmitted to and collected by the stator via UWB radio.

In the future, DSV will focus on extending the UWB research results to extreme bandwidth wireless systems, cellular cognitive radios, and also to RFID systems.